October 7, 2009

TOTBT Day 7- Melanie-Melanies Musings

Today's Guest Post is by Melanie, from Melanies Musings! She is going to share her Costume Story! Enjoy!

If you think like me, when you picture a kid dressing up on their first Halloween you think about a kid about six, maybe seven, years old. If the person is a girl, she may be dressed up as a ballerina or her favorite popstar. If the person's a boy, he's most likely dressed as his favorite super hero or sports player. What I never pictured was a fourteen year old girl dressed as a pirate. Yet that's exactly what happened to me last year.

As a young child, I never had much interest in Halloween. To me, it was a rather scary day when it was better to stay inside in order to keep away from the odd things that tended to pop out of nowhere at school. I always thought it would be fun to dress up, though, so when I got invited to a fall festival by friends, I was more than excited to go.

I knew exactly what I wanted to go as: A pirate! However, this was two days before the festival, and there was no way I was going to spend a large amount of money on an outfit I'd be wearing for only a few hours. Whenever I'm put on a deadline, my creativity and imagination comes out, so I went to work.

First, I took a pair of pants that I've had for a year or so. I had grown a couple inches, so they were at that odd stage where they were too short to be pants, yet too long to be capris. With a pair of scissors, I roughed the bottom of the legs up a bit. I already knew what shoes I would be wearing, a pair of boots that my dad had termed, "roach stompers." I employed the help of my mother, and she lent me a purple scarf to wrap around my head.
By the time I had gotten that much together, it was the day of the festival. It was crunch time. I went to a local thrift store for help. There I found a bunch of Halloween attire, and one was a shirt that would definitely work. From there, I went to Walmart and picked up the crowning pieces. I picked up a lovely plastic sword which my friends and I fenced with during the night, an eyepatch, and a clip-on earring. That earring would end up cutting off the circulation in my ear all night.

The night turned out to be a blast, and I was able to assemble my outfit for $3.50. Not too shabby, huh? Now my only question is, what should I do this year?

WOW Melanie, i wish i could find a costume for under 5$ Thanks for sharing, and make sure to visit Melanies blog HERE.
P.S. Dont forget to enter the FEAR STREET CONTEST!(i only have 1 entry so far :(

*Also i want to hear what was your Best Costume Steal???*

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pirate penguin said...

Not even five dollars! You're money savvy ;D

I never really got into making halloween costumes; I remember as a kid I would just buy them straight from the store (although my mom would have an uncanny ability at finding them at low prices-although not as low as $3.50!) My favorite costume is dressing up as a witch (lame and overdone I know). But I love wearing those striped stockins and my pointy witch hat x)