October 28, 2009

TOTBT Day 28: Costume!

Hey Girlies! Today i was going to show you what i was last year for halloween! I was the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland! I was super cute with these fun thigh high pink socks and pink whiskers! But facebook is being way stupid and delted all my photos!! so sad! Anyways this year for halloween i might be Tinkerbelle!! But anyhow i found this really fun channel-Kandee Jhonson-that does all of these fun halloween looks: Michael Jackson, queen of hearts, Snow white,geisha, and barbie! You should definately check it out for some fun makeup tuturials!!! xoxoxox Rachel


brizmus said...

Wow! that was awesome - long, so I didn't watch all of it. But awesome.

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