October 25, 2009

TOTBT Day 26: Tom Dolby

Today we have fantastic Tom Dolby! He is author of New YA book-Secret Society! He gladly accepted to do a quick 5-minute halloween interview with me! Enjoy!

ME: Favorite halloween Memory?
Tom: Having a haunted house in my parents' garage every Halloween when I was in middle school.

ME: Favorite halloween Candy?
Tom: I've always been partial to Skittles.

Me: What was your best Halloween Costume?
Tom: In college, I went as Andy Warhol, complete with camera.

Me: Favorite Scary book/Movie?
Tom: Rosemary's Baby.

Me: Scariest moment of your life?
Tom: Probably my first NY appearance for my first book, back when I was 23! It's gotten a lot easier (even fun!) since then.

Me: What are you doing this halloween?
Tom: Probably buying a Halloween costume for the dog and staying in and working on the next installment of Secret Society!

Thanks Tom! That was awesome! I love skittles and haunted houses too! Okay not the haunted houses part!!!!

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