October 21, 2009

TOTBT Day 21: Melissa Walker

Day 21: Today we have the Fabulous author Melissa Walker! Melissa is author of Lovestruck Summer and Violet On The Runway Series. Today she is Defending Candy Corn in a verry cute Video! Enjoy

Okay After watching this video i flipped! I mean amazing author Melissa Walker was thanking me! Me! Oh my hahaha!

But i totallly agree-Why would anyone bash Candy Corn? Why? Its deliciously sweet and yummy! I just dont understand! I am so craving some know!!(want to know something funny--I have to eat candy corn from the white tips to the orange! i know im wierd)

So thank you Melissa for that wonderful Vlog! I loved it! Make sure to check out the maker of Candy Corn HERE or HERE. Also Melissa's Blog HERE!! Also if Youtube is acting Stupid heres the link!!!


Melissa Walker said...

Thanks for having me, Rachel!

Dani. said...

You go Melissa, someone needed to stick up for the Candy Corn! :)