October 11, 2009

TOTBT Day 11: Megan-Simply Books

Today we have a very special blogger! Its Megan from Simply Books! She was so sweet to participate in my Trick-Or-Treat Blog tour, and i think you will love her post today about the Best and Worst Scary Movies! Enjoy! *side note-Enter the FEAR STREET contest HERE!*

The Best and Worst Scary Movies

I absolutely love Halloween. The costumes, the candy, and even the scariness. I know most people don't like being scared, but I love it. Whether it's watching a scary movie or going to a haunted attraction, it's always a ton of fun for me. So I thought I would share my favorite (and least favorite) scary movies for fans of the horror genre.

Rose Red
This is actually a mini-series written by Stephen King (and it was not a book). When I first saw this when I was about 10, it completely freaked me out. I watched it again about a year ago (when I was 16) and it didn't scare me as much. For one, the special effects weren't that good and since I already knew everything that happened, it's hard to be scared. But it's still an awesome movie. Rose Red is about a mansion (with the same name) that is about to be knocked down, but is believed to have paranormal activity. So a group of psychics go in and learn about the house. And what's really creepy is that the house is alive, and plays tricks on the people (hallways that led to rooms suddenly just are a dead end).

The Uninvited
This movie might be catagorized as a thriller, but I still thought it was scary. It was released recently and is about a girl whose mother is killed in a fire, but thinks that her father's new girlfriend was behind it all. It has a really creepy twist that completely catches you off-guard, but if you go back and re-watch the movie, you can find hints of foreshadowing.

I love this movie! For one, it has Shia Labeouf. It also has humor, a creepy murderer, and a really good running-from-the-killer scene. I saw this in the theater, and everyone was screaming at the end. If you want to be scared, definitely watch Disturbia.

One Missed Call
This is probably the worst horror movie ever made. I saw this in the movie theater, and it was total waste of money. It was so dumb and not scary, it was ridiculous. I kind of blocked the movie from my mind, but it's about people who get a call on their cell phone and then die. There was no plot, and some parts I was actually laughing out loud.

The Fog
This was another scary movie that was so dumb, it was funny. It has Tom Welling (Smallville) in it, but that's it's only redeeming quality. It's about, you guessed it, fog that begins overtaking a town and just killing people. Yes, the fog killed people. It was just not-scary at all. But if you want a comedy, this will probably work.

The Strangers
In this movie, a couple is attacked in their house by three crazy, mask wearing murderers. The masks were creepy, but I didn't get why they were killing people. Plus, the couple were really stupid and do the opposite of what any nornal person would do in this situation. You know what I'm talking about. It just wasn't good horror movie material.

So if you're a fan of horror movies, I hope this list helps you pick the good and weed out the bad. Happy Halloween!-


WoW! Such a great list! Since i am such a scardie cat i really dont watch scary movies, but i did see disturbia, and i LOVED that one too! Proably because it all wasnt about Scary stuff! Also you want to know something funny. I went and saw Prom night with my friend and we had to walk out, because we were so scared! After ten minutes we went back in! It wasnt even a scary movie, but we were terrified!

Thanks Megan for that post! It was awsome!!!!!!!!You can check out her Blog HERE!

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