October 3, 2009

TOTBT Day 3: Katie from Sophistikatied Reviews

Day 3: Yay Katie from Sophistikatied Revies has joined us today for a ghost post! Here is her crazy-awsome Ghost story she wrote! Enjoy, and make sure to check out her blog here.

Well, this is just perfect.

The car was destroyed. There was almost nothing left to it except for a thick cloud of smoke and sharp shards of glass. I groaned, resisting the urge to throw myself down in the middle of the street.

Why not? My dad was going to kill me anyway.

I wasn’t even entirely sure of what had happened. One second I had been driving smoothly, singing along obnoxiously to a Taylor Swift song, and the next, I was toppling down into a deep ditch. Fortunately for me, I was able to pull myself up out of the car- which had landed on it’s side- without a scratch.

If only I could say the same for the car. My father’s car- that I had taken without permission. Oh, I was so dead.

It was just like a scary movie. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere- no car, no service on my cell phone, not even a damn jacket to keep myself warm. I was expecting a werewolf to jump out and eat my face off. If a zombie didn’t get to me first.

I began walking. I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew that I had to find some semblance of civilization so I could call my big brother to come pick me up. But how long would it take for me to actually come across something? I had driven down this road before, and until you reached town, there were absolutely no houses or businesses.

But then .. what was that light up ahead? I was fairly positive that there weren’t any streetlights or cross lights around here. Was I imagining it?

No, I couldn‘t be because as I got closer, I heard the sounds of busy chatter. Civilization! Score!

I could see it now; it sat not too far from where I was now. Where had it come from? It certainly hadn’t been there before, otherwise I would’ve remembered it. But I couldn’t find the willpower to be suspicious. I could see the faint traces of people through the open windows, and my entire body racked with relief.

When I approached the building, I inhaled the sugary sweet aroma of freshly baked cakes. My mouth watered as I gripped the doorknob, yanking the door open. Hopefully there were a few stray dollar bills in my pocket. Whatever was creating that delicious smell, I wanted some!

The jingle of the door alerted my presence. A few heads turned in my direction, but at the same time, a few heads lowered. It was odd, but I ignored it, walking briskly to the front where a counter separated me from what looked like a kitchen. I sat down on a stool and waited for service.

A woman emerged from the side, her back facing me.

“What can I help you with, sweet pea?” she asked in a scratchy voice, never turning around. I looked around at tables, trying to discover what this place was. A bar? A bakery? There wasn’t a sign out front.

“Um, do you have a phone I could possibly use? I wrecked my car a few miles down.”

She laughed, hollow and deep. It didn’t sound like it would come from her, considering the sickly sweet talking voice she had. She still didn’t turn around. “Sorry, sweet pea. We don’t have any use for telephones on this side.”

I raised my eyebrow. “You’re not that far from town,” I commented. She laughed again.

“Sure we are,” she said. She half-turned, exposing the milky white skin of her neck. I stretched to get a better look, but she remained still as stone, her long fingers curling into fists at her sides. “You’re quite some distance away from real life, sweet pea.”

I frowned at her words, but didn’t answer. I sighed, swiveling the stool around and standing up to leave. I opened my mouth to thank her for her non-help, when she turned around.

My hand flew to my mouth to stifle my screams. Her face was grotesque- eyeballs missing from the sockets, lip hanging half-way off of her jaw, and nose abnormally dislocated. I immediately moved backwards, scrambling to reach the door, when I saw the rest of the customers raise their heads. They were just as- if not, more- disfigured than the woman in front of me. Though none of them had eyes, I could feel their stares burning against my skin, and I knew I had to get out.

They were beginning to stand as I pushed open the door and started to sprint. My adrenaline kicked in, and I had never moved so fast in my life. I was too frightened to turn my head to see if they were following me. I had seen quite a few zombie movies where they moved faster than humans, and I wasn’t taking any chances.

Faster, faster, faster. I have to run faster. I have to-

My entire body collided into something hard, sending me toppling to the ground. I groaned as I scrambled to my feet, whipping my head around for any possible threats. I sighed in relief when I saw the culprit was a large sign welcoming me into the town.

Town? This wasn’t a town. It was an isolated area.

I continued to read the sign, pausing when my eyes landed on a small group of pictures. In large block letters read the scripture ‘In Loving Memory’, followed by a list of names. I was about to turn around and keep running when I accidentally glanced at one of the pictures.

Her picture- the woman with no eyes. And as I searched terrifyingly at the rest of the portraits, some of the faces became recognizable, though they all had eyeballs in the pictures. It was them. These people had just been in that building. These people were dead.

I was so horrified and frightened that I wanted to cry, but I knew I had to get out of here. I knew I had to run and keep myself safe. I’ve seen too many scary movies where dumb broads wander around the scene of the monstrosities, and always end up getting hacked to pieces in the end.

So I ran. I ran for what seemed like hours. I ran until my legs felt like weights on my torso, and I literally couldn’t move them anymore. There was smoke fogging the air, and I knew I wasn’t too far from where my car had crashed.

The car! I could go take shelter in the car until daylight. It didn’t seem likely that it would explode, and if I was lucky, those creatures- or whatever the hell they were- were allergic to daylight. I could only hope.

I crawled back down into the ditch, pulling my shirt above my nose so I wouldn’t inhale the fumes. I was about to nestle myself against the hood, when something bright red in the car caught my eye. My shirt. My bright red t-shirt, that I was currently wearing. But .. how?

I cupped my hand around the window, and looked inside.

This time, I didn’t try to muffle my scream.

Laying lifeless, pale and bloody across the steering wheel, was me. I jumped up, my screams of horror still coming out in breathless bouts. This wasn’t possible. This wasn’t happening. How could I be in the car if I was right here? I was right here, I was alive!

Feeling desperate, I extended my arm and reached inside the small crack of the window. I touched my body’s shoulder, shaking it forcefully. Nothing. I wasn’t breathing. With force, I shoved against the shoulder and it slumped back into the seat.

This time when I cupped my hands around the window, I saw something that sealed my fate. I ignored the sudden fingers probing at my back, and the groans of the bodies that were increasing dramatically up behind me. The body inside of the car, my body, was void of eyeballs. My usual bright green eyes- gone. Gone. Just like any chance I had of getting out of this.

The hands behind me yanked me backwards, and I was swallowed in the sea of eyeless souls.

Oh, I was so dead.

OOh i still have shivers running up my spine! Thanks Katie for sharing with us! And make sure to come check back tommorrow for a special givaway from Katie as well!

Halloween 29 Days :)


rockerannah said...

This is a really well written piece. Definitely eerie with all the talk of the eyes etc - creeped me out for sure. Big fan of you Katie! Glad to see you featured here!

Sunshine Edition said...

I agree rockerannah :)