June 16, 2009

Write on Camp...

Hey guys sorry i haven been posting for a while... its because I just finished doing this internship this whole week. Its a writing camp for kids, and its super fun! I get to guide them and help them write, i love it!!! I love inspiring young minds, plus i get to write myself too! Also they bring in these Really cool authors...
I met Jessica Day George who wrote "Sun, moon, ice, and snow" and "Dragon Slippers".
She was super animated and really had fun with the kids, although she was kind of TOO sarcastic for my taste. But i bet you didn't know she got rejected 187 times!!!!WOW

then we had Becky Hall who is a children s picture book author of "Morris and buddy" and "a is for arches" and she was this cute librarian who told us all her tips and tricks for non-fiction writing.

Finale-my favorite- was J. Scott Savage. He wrote "Far World" and he was the most useful and gave thousands and thousands tips and tricks and advice for young authors. He told us about queries(SP) and to just put all your ideas on paper.

Just wanted to say i love you guys even though i only have 2 followers :( Oh well ha ha !!!
thanks and you will be hearing from me soon


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