June 12, 2009

Books Turned into......

Tons of books now-a-days are turning into t.v. shows and movies and all these fancy-smancy things.

Twilight is now an international multi-million dollar Movie
How to teach filthy rich girls by zoey dean- is now a t.v. series( Privileged)
Private(one of my favorite series)- is now going to be an online t.v. series
Gossip girl( favorite sereis ever!!)- is a T.V. series on C.W
Sisterhood of the traveling pants- Movies
Pretty little liars- supposedly going to be a series on ABC

And all these great books are now being turned into *stuff* that is just not the same as the images and imaginative creative thoughts that goes through your mind while reading. Reading takes you on this Crazy adventure that just cant be put on a certain image. Granted i'm addicted to gossip girl the T.V. show even though its nothing like the books. On the other hand Twilight was such a disappointment, and so my question to you is...

What Book turned (Movie, TV Show) was Fantabulous, and which ones Sucked, and do you think authors should stop?????


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