June 5, 2009

Summer.... :)

Hey Beach Readers!!!
I just wanted to say why i haven't been posting a lot.
I have been crazy busy with school, and trying
to improve my grades hehehe! i ended up with a
3.9! I'm pretty excited about that! But i'm more
excited that SUMMER HAS BEGUN!! officially No more school
aghh so so so ecstatic!!! Now i can concentrate
on reading and getting tan, and having a fantastic
fantabulous Summer!!! i can not wait, this
will be a great summer because
#1- i got my first real job being a counselor at my local pool
#2- I practically live in bikinis and shorts
#3- Fabulous books are coming out this summer!
( P.S. Look for a list later in the week)
#4- no more stressing about school
#5- I can feel a summer love coming!!

So my question to you.......
What are YOU looking forward to this summer??
I cant wait to find out...


p.s. look forward to
"how to choose your perfect beach read"
Blog post coming soon


Thao said...

Your blog is so cute. Thanks for checking mine ^^

I'm looking foward to have a rest this summer. Uni is wearing me out. Only 3 more weeks and I'll have time for myself.

Sunkissed said...

Resting and relaxing sounds Fabulous!!! Thanks for the comment- happy beach reading