June 24, 2009


Adored by Cicily von Ziegesar...

Brett Messerchmidt is planning Waverly Academy's annual holiday ball and gift exchange. But when some enterprising students decide that playing Secret Satan is infinitely more fun, the entire school starts acting naughty. Now all Brett wants for Christmas is a quiet holiday-and a kiss from a certain someone under the mistletoe. Too bad Callie Vernon has the same idea. Ho ho no! Everybody at Waverly is getting into the giving spirit. The only present Tinsley Carmichael wants to unwrap this holiday is her new boyfriend, Julian McCafferty. But what happens when she uncovers a shady secret from his past instead? Santa knows when you've been bad or good . . . but what's the point of being good when being bad is so much fun?

Adored is the eighth book in the it girl series. I have been addicted to this series since the first one came out!! This one was one of my favorites for of a lot of reasons. One it is around the holiday times right after thanksgiving break, and i loved the whole idea of Secret Satan! Heath is just so Crudely witty that you just have to love him! Also the second reason is a new character becomes a main character-Sebastian. He is your typical bad boy that lures in every single Waverly Girl. The Secret Satan idea and how Cecily plays it out is so cunning, and yet again the fashion is impeccable! I ADORE reading about Chanel Coats and Juicy bags, this Book is a must read! Make sure to read the whole series

I give it a 5/5 suns

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