June 5, 2009

Notes from the spinning planet Mexico

Notes from the spinning planet mexico by Melody Carlson....

Maddie's holiday break is drawing to a close and she's eager to leave the gray Washington winter and join her Aunt Sid on a warm vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She is pleasantly surprised when her good friend Ryan shows up to enjoy the trip with them. But when Ryan runs into his high-school crush--the beautiful Shelby Wagner--Maddie's jealousy threatens to spoil their sun-drenched days.

I usually only read new books that have come out in the last year or two, but while I was at the library I saw this book and i remembered that i have read the first two in the series when they first came out, and loved them. So Don't shy away from this series just because it is a couple of years older. The reason i loved this series so much is becuase of its fabulous destinations! I absolutely adore travel, if i could i would be exploring the world everyday. Although this book is set in Mexico, not really the ideal travel destination, her past books Ireland and New Guinea were so much fun to explore! This book is filled with Travel and a little bit of romance! It also does refer to Christianity, which is okay if it hadnt been mentioned more than once. Concluding- a light airy read!

3/5 suns!

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