June 21, 2009

I just got a car!

I absolutely love it!!! its my little baby!!! but let me tell you the story behind it! So a while ago i hit my dads car on the garage and it had a dent, he wasn't mad but just Dissapointed! anyways out of that "accident" my parents didn't want me to ruin their cars so they decided to get me my own! well i still have to pay half but its still so exciting!!! Its a 2001 Dodge Neon in a forest green color! i might name her IVY but im not sure yet!!! haha

Anyways these books reminded me of cars ahaha

Two way streeet by Lauren Barnholdt- such a cute read

along for the ride by Sarah Dessen- can't wait to read it

Rocky Road Trip
by Catherine Clark- Favorite flavor of ice cream so i had to read it!!

Yay so tribute to my Car IVY!!!

Will post pictures soon!

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