June 6, 2009

How to pick the perfect beach read

How to pick the perfect beach read( or any read actually)
Step 1: Pick your all time favorite book, or one you currently read and liked

Step 2: Go to Amazon.com

step 3: Type in the name of that book

Step 4: Go down to Listimania, and start clicking and searching between different listimanias! Listimanias are where books are categorized or sorted by favorite types, or similar to, or new releases coming out! I use this trick all the time. Once i begin a book, i always glace at the reviews, then once i finished i go down to listimania and try to find books simillar too that book. I am also checking out when new books are coming out, and reviewing the Summary of that book!!!

Step 5: I also usually check out the authors web site to see other books they have written or new releases coming out soon! Plus they might be giving Giveways. ( linda Gerber does this every friday)
Hope this helped :)

But my question to you is....
"Where do you look for new books, and how do YOU pick out your Beach Reads."?

Stay tuned to find out books
on my "To be read wish list"


KD said...

I have never been to california before! Lucky :) And a cruise does sound amazing. What is your summer job?

and I love listimaina! Thats where I find alot of good books.

Sunkissed said...

KD- I absolutely adore California, favorite place!!! My summer job is I'm going to be a counselor at my local pool! Thanks for the Comment :)happy beach reading!