August 22, 2009


Shiver by maggie stievfvater...

For years, Grace has watched the wolves that live behind her house for years. A yellowed eyed wolf... her wolf has a chilling presence. Maybe it is the fact, that this wolf saved her life once. Meanwhile, Sam leads two lives. One in the forest during the winter, watching a girl. Another in the summer, where he has a few moments of being human until he gets turned back by the cold. An another attack has happened again, but unlike Grace, Jack is dead and his family wants something to happen. A hunting party has gathered to kill all the wolves in the forest. Grace goes to stop them and on her back porch, she finds a boy with those same yellow eyes. It is her wolf somehow. Winter is near, so Grace and Sam have to find a way to stop him from changing.

When i read Shiver it reminded me a lot of twilight. Not the story line or characters ,but how i felt after reading it!! After reading twilight, i hated it, lets be honest! I thought it was stupid and dry, and why oh why did i waste my time... later the next day i kept thinking about Bella and Edward ...long story short... i now own all the books and am not ashamed to like them. I don't obsess or anything but they are a good read! Okay so now shiver- When i finished shiver i wasn't amazed or felt like a learned a life lesson. I wasn't automatically in love and re-reading my favorite parts. It wasn't horribly bad, but i just didn't feel that "click". I thought that a girl who was i love with a wolf(that she didn't know for sure was a werewolf) was kind of weird. Aside from that i liked the way grace acted when Sam was actually human. It felt real and that sense of loving someone so much it makes your heart sick. Also the idea of changing with the temperature was really cute and new! On the other hand, I was really confused the whole time i was reading this. I didnt have that great vivid image while reading because i was lost. Haha okay okay so this actually has nothing to do with twilight, because after a couple of days im still not amazed. Sorry for that really weird comparison :/ So overall-really confusing, but underneath that, an okay story.

3/5 suns

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Becky said...

Your review of Shiver was really interesting. I've been hearing a lot "you've got to read Shiver" but not really why I should read it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I'll definitely read it.