August 17, 2009

Man oh Man Monday(5)

Hey Guys i hope you like these man oh man Monday's... because i keep doing them... so tell me your thoughts????This week's Leading Man is Adam from if i stay, which i reviewed in an earlier post.
Okay okay i know this is the funniest picture-but i couldn't resist! I could not find what i pictured in my head!

Adam is the Rocker-punk guitar player that everyone knows about, and has a secret crush on! He is the perfect rebel, with a sensitive side!! In if i stay, he loves Mia, to his full capability, and is there for her when she needs him the most! Even though he wears tight pants (EWWWW) i still have a crush on this teddy bear! Make sure to check out If I stay In bookstores now!

So what are your thoughts... do you like Man oh man Monday's????

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