August 10, 2009

Man oh Man Monday (4)

Hey Girls- this monday im doing a really old character because i dont have any books to read!! My library is taking a really long time and i haven't won anycontests!!! So this weeks man is Thomas Pearson From the Private Novels!!! The private novels are one of my favorite series, and if you didnt know they are making it into a web series on Her Website!!! So exciting first Episode airs tommorrow! Okay so more about thomas...

Thomas Pearson is a bad boy with a heart of gold! Although he has some really dangerous habits, he is known as the most popular boy on easton campus!!! And his mysterious Dissapearence made him legendary. With his charm and easy going spirit-every girl cant help but swoon!!! Especially Reed Brenan-who just might me under his spell. This is the guy who is playing him in the private Web series... I think it could have been better, but for the most part pretty cute!
Happy Beach Reading Everyone

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