August 9, 2009

Along for the ride

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen...

It’s been so long since Auden slept at night. Ever since her parents’ divorce—or since the fighting started. Now she has the chance to spend a carefree summer with her dad and his new family in the charming beach town where they live.A job in a clothes boutique introduces Auden to the world of girls: their talk, their friendship, their crushes. She missed out on all that, too busy being the perfect daughter to her demanding mother. Then she meets Eli, an intriguing loner and a fellow insomniac who becomes her guide to the nocturnal world of the town. Together they embark on parallel quests: for Auden, to experience the carefree teenage life she’s been denied; for Eli, to come to terms with the guilt he feels for the death of a friend.In her signature pitch-perfect style, Sarah Dessen explores the hearts of two lonely people learning to connect.

I was so so so EXCITED for Along for The Ride!!! But i have to say it wasn't amazingly fantastic or one of my favorites!!! It starts out really slow, and Towards the end, yeah it was good but it could have been so much better. I hated how slow it was between Auden and Eli- there was just a lot of dull relation's between the two! and then they start to get in a relation ship and then pow! she tells him off and for ten or so chapters there is no more Auden and Eli! I just wanted more Lust and Wanting from both of them I did however like the name Auden, and her relation ship with her family and step mom and lil' sister Isby! Also how Auden is recreating her childhood!!The bike idea, and relearning how to ride was cute, but I think Sarah Dessen could have done a lot better!

I'm debating between 3 and four so im just going to bump it up

4/5 Suns

What did you think of Along for the Ride??


Lizzy said...

It's too bad it wasn't one your favorites, but at least it was horrible! I'll probably read it, since I like Sarah Dessen. Great review

Faye said...

I love Sarah Dessen books, i haven't read Along 4 the ride yet. Hopefully it will be as good as everyone says :D

Sunkissed said...

Lizzy- i know, you should still read it though!

Faye- You should defiantly get reading :)