August 18, 2009

Bitersweet sixteen

Bittersweet sixteen by Carrie Karasyov and Jill Kargman...

Laura, a scholarship student at an elite high school in New York City, is surrounded by superficial, backstabbing rich girls, all obsessed with having the best Sweet Sixteen party. Despite the differences in lifestyles, she has a solid group of friends, as well as a best friend, Whitney. Everything is running smoothly until the new girl, Sophie, arrives. She is extremely rich, pretty, and fashionable, and wiggles her way right into Laura's group of friends and disrupts the equilibrium of the clique. Before long, everyone is fighting. Laura is the only one who remains true to herself and, with the help of a certain boy, learns about the importance of friendship. Designer names are dropped throughout and the girls are fixated on their weight, capturing some of the issues that teenage girls obsess over in America. But underneath all the fluff and superficiality are lessons on friendship and love

I have to admit, i bought this book on an impulse!! It was only two dollars! 2$!!! And how bad could a pink striped book be?? And it truly wasn't horrible!! Okay okay it was cheesy and totally predictable, but overall an enjoyable fluff read!! There of course isn't any actual story line besides that these two uber-queen bees are fighting over the best possible sweet sixteen!! I did however like Laura- who had awesome parents and knew how to use a sewing machine!And of course the boy that the two Girls are fighting over-laura ends getting to be more than friends with :). The characters were okay-personally they all seemed alike to me! The story line could have been a lot better, but i adored how you got to see the reality of how some 16 year olds really go to all the limits just to be better than the someone else. Although it was totally predictable, an great read for two-dollars!! A good Beach read-if you have nothing else!!

3/5 Suns

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