July 13, 2009

Man Oh Man Monday (2)

Hey guys hope you Monday is rockin!!! I just got home from work and am bea,t plus sunburnt :( Anyways i couldnt wait to get home to do this Post!!! This weeks Man is Peter from you are here( look for review later this week) He is the dorkiest guy ever!!! He is a total nerd, and knows so much information, that it could only be adorable!! but what makes him so cute is his personalitly and that he is so clumsy and totally in love but keeps it to himself!! Haha make sure to read about Peter in YOU ARE HERE !!!

My question to you is.... On a guy do you prefere smoldering eyes or that sexy smirk??


p.s.- For me its that sexy smirk that makes my heart flutter, but....... i also go crazy for green eyes :)

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