July 19, 2009

Blog Maintnence Help

Hey guys so today i was just surfin around in the blog world and i went to check on my blog... and poof... my Background is gone!! I am so sad because i loved it so dearly and it fit perfectly! its gone because of some bandwidth exceeded on photo bucket!! i got it from SImply chic blog backgrounds, and im just so so so sad!! i mean now my blog is well just not cute!! So now i must appologize for my blog being ugly for the moment while i try to find a new layout!! I promise Sunshine Edition will be up and running soon... Hopefully! but a question to all my followers...

Where did you get your blog backround, and do you have any advice on where i should look for a new one?? or how to fix my old one, i really want it back!! :(

sadly xoxoxo


Collegiate Bookworm said...

Hey Sunshine!! So sorry about your blog background!
I actually made mine myself, just because I like the thought of it being original.
Cutest Blog on the block also has some good ones!
Or, if you can't find anything, I can try making one for you! Let me know
Happy searching!

Lizzy said...

I got my a pyzam (but I had to fiddle with the code to get it how I wanted). I would def. take up Collegiate's offer, because when it's original, it's is always the best!

Sunkissed said...

C.B- I swear you are my HERO-sending you an email :)

Lizzy- i know, i should see a good thing when offered

~thanks Girls~