July 8, 2009

Flirting with boys

Flirting with boys by Hailey Abbott.....
How to Run a Resort:

Make sure employees arrive on time with a positive attitude. (check)

Remember that the customer is always ight. (check)

Keep your boyfriend and your most valuable guest from trying to kill each other. (oops)

Celeste Tippen can't imagine a more perfect summer. Her boyfriend, Travis, has a job at her family's resort, which means lots of quality couple time. Unfortunately, she forgot about Nick Saunders, the hot son of the resort's wealthiest customers. Every year, Nick flirts with Celeste, and apparently this year is no different, despite the boyfriend who's watching their every move. She assures Travis that hanging out with the resident bad boy is the last thing she wants to do. If only she believed that herself. . . .

I have read a lot of hailey abbott this summer. Why, because they are all perfect beach reads. My favorite thing to do during the summer, since i don have the beach, is to lay out by my pool in my bikini and read a great book. This story of a girl trying so hard to to change her boyfriend into mr. Perfect, and not seeing what is right in front of her. I love pinyon resort, and her not being a prissy/ bitch, but a genuine girl who works at her parents hotel. Nick is drool worthy and is a TOTAL FLIRT!! Overall a cute Beach read! not a lot of depth but a quick paced flowy read!

3/5 suns

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