July 20, 2009

Godess Boot Camp

Goddess Boot Camp by Tera Lynn Childs...

Phoebe recently discovered she’s a descendant of Nike (the goddess, not the shoe), and now she's finding out that supernatural powers come with a crazy learning curve. Her new stepfather, headmaster of the Academy for descendants of Greek gods, has enrolled her in Dynamotheos Development Camp—aka Goddess Boot Camp—with a bunch of ten-year-olds for the summer. Embarrassing as that is, hopefully it’ll help her get control of her powers in time to pass the test of the gods, continue training hard enough to qualify for the Pythian Games (the only sporting event bigger than the Olympics), and enjoy her godly boyfriend, Griffin, all while avoiding getting smoted for accidental misuse of powers!

Oh. MY. GODS. is right!! This book is amazing, I am beyond in love with this book!!! Besides the fact that i am totally into mythology, i like the fact that mythology isn't over played like vampires or fairies. Second it doesn't even seem like a sci-fi book! I love all the romance and drama! One of my favorite characters in Goddess Boot Camp, besides Phoebe and Griffin of course, was Stella! She grew from step-sister of hell to someone who honestly wants to help Phoebe out. Griffin is beyond adorable, and i adored learning about the different ways phoebe can control her powers. Plus the plot so thickens, about Phoebe having to pass a serious test, and finding more about her dad! I read this book straight from begging to end, smiling the whole way through. All i can say is i am wanting more, and hopefully Childs' will keep writing in this series. Go out and READ NOW!!!

5/5 Suns


Em said...

Ohh, I definitely need to check this out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! :)

Sunkissed said...

Em- so welcome hope you enjoy it as much as i did :)