July 4, 2009

Alaska- Survived

I Survived my Alaska Vacation!!! Woot Woot! the family might have driven me a little crazy but i survived! Although i think i gained at least 5 pounds!! On these cruises its always all you can eat, and i ate all i could eat, because their was nothing else to do!!! haha just kidding kindof...OH my but the ports were fun and i went on trains, and bonded with the family!!! But anyways this is where i get to the beach reads part!!! ON my trip i read 3 1/2 books
  • Drive me Crazy by Erin Downing( Sunday)
  • Beautiful Disaster(a privilege Novel) by Kate Brian(Monday)
  • Being Nikki by Meg cabbot(Tuesday)
  • and im in the process of Flirting with boys by hailey Abbot(Wednesday)
  • I also recieved a book to review, but i HAVE to finish the scarlet letter first
Look forward to these awsome Review
Hope you guys are having an Awsome summer oh nine


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