May 29, 2009

Summer Girls

Summer Girls by Hailey Abbot....

In SUMMER BOYS, Beth, Ella, and Kelsi ruled Pebble Beach. Now it's time for 3 new girls to rock the summer

JESSICA: Liam is the cutest guy I've ever seen and he loves the beach as much as I do. So how do I show him I'd make a better girlfriend than friend?

GREER I could be tanning on glam French beaches, but instead I'm "family-bonding" in Maine. At least the boys are hot - especially Brady. So what if he has a clingy ex-girlfriend?

LARA: Just my luck. I've fallen hard for the one boy who's totally off limits. If only I could stop kissing him...

First off Let me just say i absolutely love this cover, its so..... sexy summer! makes me CRAVE summer!!! yumm!!!! Also i am in love with Hailey Abbot, i love all of her books and i think she has a great writing style! Second i had no idea this was a spin off from summer boys, But let me tell you it doesn't matter because this book is Sensational. The characters are so fun loving and you get to know their personalities, also i love how that the book is told from different points of view and that they each have their own special chapters. I think I also got really into Summer Girls because i was reading while tanning on my beach chair feeling like i was part of their special summer!!! Go out Buy, rent, and check out this Book

I give it 4/5 Suns !!

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