September 20, 2009

Poseur: Pretty In Pink

Poseur:Pretty in Pink by Rachel Maude...

Poseur's hot new handbag captures Hollywood tastemaker Ted Pelligan's eye, and now everyone's atwitter. Will those delicate straps hold his attention? Or snap under the strain...To prove their worth, fashion foursome Melissa, Charlotte, Petra, and Janie must a) dangle their bag on celebrity armage b) sneak into the most anticipated event of the year, and c) convince the paparazzi to point their Canons. And all without couture-competitor Vivien Ho noticing.Yeah, right.Get ready to rumble, baybees! A party's not a party until something--or someone--breaks.The juicy new series from the publisher of the national bestselling series Gossip Girl, The Clique, The It Girl, and The A-List.

The poseur series by Rachel Maude is very unique. Okay it’s not that unique, it’s the same as all chick-flick novels, boy crazy, girl drama and all. But the one thing so cute about this series is how there are little cartoons and drawings every couple of chapters. These cartoons are of the characters, and it really helps you create an image in your head. I think that is so fabulous and fresh. This 3rd book in the series though wasn’t my favorite as the first two. The characters and chapters seemed really scrambled and quick paced. I do love however how we got to meet a new character; a famous designer Ted P. Also how the little mystery evolves. Such a faced paced read about, teen designers/High school students, with a dash of love mixed in!

3/5 Suns

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