November 8, 2009

Cupcake Queen

Cupcake Queen by Heather Hepler...

Six months ago, if someone had said the word cupcake, it probably wouldn’t have even registered. I mean, sure, who doesn’t like them? But a whole bakery devoted just to cupcakes? I asked my mother that when she told me. “Nothing else?” She just laughed like it was the funniest thing I’d said all day. I didn’t quite believe it until I saw the man putting the final touches on the lettering on the window: “The Cupcake Queen”.

When she said, “I’m going to open a bakery”, dumb me, I thought she meant in New York. And while it was surprising, I wasn’t really surprised. My mom has always been what she calls “vaguely artistic”. I started to get excited as she talked about the bakery idea. I pictured a tiny shop in Soho that made specialty cakes and got featured in the Food Section of The New York Times. Then she told me the bakery wasn’t going to be in the City at all, but out here. Here, in Hog’s Hollow, where they actually crown a Hog Queen every fall.

I First fell in love with the book when i saw the cover. The cover is to die for and i can resist but pick it up. As an avid sugar lover i knew this book was going to be a hit. Although i never really read younger YA novels, This one sure didn't disappoint. I loved the whole cupcake theme. Every aspect was delicious! Also the relationships penny has with her mom, Grandma, Best friend, and cute boy next door. I love how she finally pushed the seal with her mom, and that her best friend is the total opposite. The only thing more i wanted out of this book was romance! One lonely kiss at the end wasn't enough for me! Too Cute for words!

4/5 Suns

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brizmus said...

Must read now!
Must eat cupcakes!
I am also totally tempted by the cover. The cupcakes just look sooooo yummy!
Glad to hear the book ended up being delicious as well1