November 11, 2009

The Accidental Family

The Accidental Family by Rowan Coleman...

Fashionable Sophie Mills was a corporate manager on a fast track to success. Then, in the space of a heartbeat -- the time it takes for a car to crash -- two little girls, Bella and Izzy, her best friend's daughters, change her life forever. Named as guardian in their father's absence, Sophie discovers that the soft touch of a little girl's hand can be far more precious than a closet full of expensive clothes or an exciting job. And when their father Louis returns, the word "family" takes on a whole new significance, as Sophie finds herself deeply attracted to this handsome, mysterious man.

Moving to Cornwall to be with Louis and the girls is a deliriously, frighteningly adventurous start to a whole new life for Sophie. When Louis proposes marriage, Bella and Izzy immediately vault into bridesmaid ecstasy, but Sophie is besieged by doubt. Is marrying Louis, who left one wife before, the natural next step...or a scary mistake? Can she honor her promise to the girls to be there always, forever, whatever? When startling news from Louis's past takes them all by surprise, can these individuals brought together by chance and tragedy make the commitment that a family is forever?

This was the sequel to the Accidental Mother-which was phenomenal. In this book The relationship of Louis and Sophie is explored in more detail. The connection between the two is magical, and Louis's daughters help that happen. The fire between the couple was so much fun to read, i craved their scenes. *Attention:Thier are some implied sex scenes* A couple new Characters are introduced; a baker Carmen who is one hot Tamale and Seth- a mysterious character. These two characters just add to this sensational novel. The setting has moved out of the city into the countryside which adds to the relaxness of the first part of the novel. I kept turning page after page never putting down the action filled and plot twisting novel! I really did enjoy this Adult sequel, and Overall a fantastic read!

4/5 Suns

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brizmus said...

I read and thoroughly enjoyed the accidental mother, but I had no idea there was a sequel.
This sounds great!